Koala Skyler asked about your favorite web series;

and here are some of your answers.

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"Because there are a lot of examples for family issues and drama etc. Also the scenarios are genius."

-Övünç Çeçen

Favorite Line
"I’m not in danger,I’m the Danger!"



"Because its like my biography."

-Eda Yurdakul

Favorite Line
"Bean: "I'm gonna have to kill him or something."Luci: "Do it! Do it! Do it! And after you kill him we can hide the body."



"I’m fan of Cillian Murphy. Also, I love gangster’s life which live in the past"

-Bağlan Üzümcü




"It succeeds to tell great stories in a short span."

-Mert Kartal

Favorite Line
"Comrades, we stand here. We die here! It have been an honor!"




"I like series which appeals to my mind."

-Sıla Aleyna Özden

Favorite Line
"The end is the beginning. And the beginning is the end."