ESN IUE is a section established with the support of the Office of International Affairs at the Izmir University of Economics. As a non-profit organization, ESN IUE is executed by students who voluntarily organize and participate in various events during each year. These students are accepted to the ESN family only if they are successful in participating in meetings and followingly, in an eliminative interview. 

ESN IUE has eight executive board members who are responsible for certain departments within the section, such as the presidency, vice presidency, local representative, treasurer, communication manager, event manager, web project administrator, and social inclusion & human resources coordinator as the board supporters as well as the board of auditors.

ESN IUE, being an active and constantly improving section, has won the SocialErasmusStar, ESNcardStar, ExchangeAbilityStar, and SectionCooperationStar awards in the 2018 Spring NP, which was held in Mersin. Also, ESN IUE has won the 1st place WebStar, 2nd place SectionStar, and 3rd place MediaStar awards in the 2019 Spring NP, which was held in Izmir. ESN IUE has won Best Section, 1st place PromotionStar, 2nd place WebStar, and 3rd place MediaStar awards at NA Arel '20. Finally,  ESN IUE has won 1st place STARline, sectionSTAR, 1st place creativeSTAR, 1st place cooperationSTAR, 1st place mediaSTAR in the 2022 NA'Smyrna Spring NA, which was held in İzmir by the ESN DEU. The never-changing aim of the section is to keep up the good work and the feeling of a family.