1. What is ESN?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the biggest volunteer student organization in Europe. It's also a community where you can bring yourself very good skills and meet a lot of people.

2. What is our aim?

Our main aim is to help the exchange students who come to our university adapt to our country, city, and university. 

3. How can I be a member?

When applications are opened at the beginning of each semester, you can apply to become a member. Follow us on our social media to avoid missing the application process.

4. What conditions are required to apply?

The applicant must be a student or a graduate of Izmir University of Economics to be a member of ESN IUE.

5.Should I be able to speak English?

Yes, you should be able to speak English.

6. How does the application process work?

Applications are received on our website. First, an information meeting is held for applicants. After that, each applicant attends the interview.

7. Is the interview in English? What kind of questions will I encounter in the interview?

The interview is in English. Simple questions are asked about your life and thoughts in the interview.

8. Can prep students apply to become a member?

Yes, prep students can apply to become a member.

9. What are the responsibilities members should take?

Members are expected to attend events and meetings regularly. At the same time, members can join the Buddy Program and committees.

10. What is the Buddy Program?

Buddy program is a program in which each exchange student is assigned an ESN member and this member helps with the issues that the exchange student needs.

11. Should I have a specific talent to be able to join committees?

You don't have to have a specific talent. Your interest and curiosity are the most important factors to join the committee.