STARawards have been announced during the NA Sakarya’21. As ESN IUE Family we are honoured to be selected.  The awards that we won are in the video... 

As ESNIUE family, we are very happy,excited and honoured to announce that we got 9 stars from Beyond the Stars 2020-2021! 
We are thanking our board and members! Without your contribution, we could not succeed heart

Here are the awards we won!

  • 1st place budgetSTAR 
  • 1st place creativeSTAR 
  • 1st place cooperationSTAR 
  • 1st place STARline 
  • 1st place sustainabilitySTAR 
  • 2nd place mediaSTAR 
  • 3rd place cooperationSTAR 
  • Honory place internationalvisibilitySTAR 
  • 2nd place Best Section 

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